Hollywood Interpreter

Elena Chang, Your Expert
for All Things Korean

Elena is a classically trained (MFA, CalArts) actor, experienced professional Korean translator and interpreter.

In her previous life in Korea, she earned a law degree from Seoul National University, Korea's most prestigious educational institution, before accepting an editorial position with Chosun Ilbo, Korea's newspaper of record. Elena subsequently worked as a television reporter as she began her stage acting career.

Her diverse experience, scholarly bilingual research skills, and solid business ethics make her the preferred Korean language and culture specialist for her many customers in the international entertainment industry.

Affiliated with American Translators Association (voting member) and SAG-AFTRA


In studio and narration for California Courts

Acting, Voice-over & Subtitling
On-camera acting, voice-over projects, casting and directing lip-sync dubbing of feature films, as well as subtitling and QC for Hollywood and Korean cinema.

Korean <> English Interpreting
Interpreting for actors, filmmakers, and producers at premieres, screenings, press events, and film festivals, as well as production negotiations and business meetings.

Korean Voice and Speech Coaching
Coaching Korean standard speech as well as various regional dialects of South Korea and North Korea, both on-site and remotely.

Korean Cultural Consulting
Expert insight and analysis of issues concerning language, culture, history, and geopolitics seen through the lens of the complex and hierarchical Korean society.

Korean <> English Translation
Translating synopses, treatments, and scripts for feature films, documentaries, and television, as well as legal and business documents.


Korean subtitling for The Demon of Sweet Street, a Best Fiends short animation
Korean subtitling for Slug Swap, a Best Fiends short animation
Korean voice acting in Banchan, a 2021 Film2Future student short
Interpreting for Boichi, manga artist of Dr. Stone, at Anime NYC 2019
Interpreting for actor Song Kang Ho, leading actor in Parasite
North Korean news translation for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Coaching actor James Kyson auditioning for Apple TV+ series Pachinko
On-camera acting for DirecTV: Code Red
Lip-sync dubbing Angela Bassett in Olympus Has Fallen
Commercial Voice-over for Google Drive
Narration for Children's Hospital Los Angeles
PSA video for Richmond Highway Bus Rapid Transit
Narration for California Courts: Resolving Civil Harassment Cases
English subtitling for The Future of Mobile Ecosystems: Enabling a Choice for Market Players & Consumers in Korea video panel hosted by CPI
Korean and English subtitling for Regulating Online Platforms: A balance approach for South Korea

Testimonials & Contact

view from my home studio and fairvote.org's ranked choice voting video in Korean

"Dear Elena,
It was wonderful to work with you recently. Thank you so much for joining us on our project! We really appreciate the time and effort you put in to make our ideas come to life. It truly felt like we were transported inside this world because of your great voice acting. It also felt like you made a personal connection with the fictional characters, which was heartwarming to see. It's truly been a joy working with you, and we wish you the best of luck in future endeavors!"
Banchan Team (Producer Eunice Shin and Director Hana Choi)

"I have worked with Elena on a super complicated subtitling project. My client wasn't well prepared and I didn't get all the information needed beforehand so that the whole job was a lot more difficult and demanding than expected. Throughout the whole process, Elena provided excellent work, always responded quickly to my mails and handed everything in before the deadline. She also helped me with finding help for another project recently. She is a great networker!
I highly recommend her and I am looking forward to working with her again myself. I don't think you could find a better translator/subtitler than her."
Till Rudolph, English-German Translator, textimbild

"I have had a really tough time with Korean vendors (in terms of quality and also communication) in the past. Glad I now have you as a partner—high quality, awesome communication, education, explanations, great attitude. Ok that was your annual review. Thanks again!!"
Gerry Carson, Owner, GlobalPath Translations

"Elena Chang was great to work with at Anime NYC 2019. As an actor, I knew Elena would be fine interpreting for a hall packed with fans. The Korean artist and Korean speaking crew loved Elena's work and confidence to guide them through the chaos of a comic convention. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with her!"
Junko Goda, Actress & Japanese-English Interpreter

"Elena Chang is my go-to Korean language expert for Hollywood. As both an actor and a translator, she understands how to contextualize a scene, and how language must reflect the emotional tone of the scenes. She is immensely helpful in not just interpreting the language but how to express it as a performer. I can’t recommend her enough."
James Kyson, Actor, Heroes

Leonardo Nam, Actor, Westworld, on Elena's Korean dialogue coaching